December's Real millennium quiz led to a flood of well-researched entries – and one contestant who thought Cherie Blair spent £1m on baby Leo's nursery. And although no one got all 50 teasers right, the five winners answered between 41 and 45 questions correctly. They each win a state-of-the-art DVD player, courtesy of sponsors iScraper, Erisco Bauder, Mumford & Wood, Fenwick Elliott and Bentley Systems. Here are the answers.

1. Where did Britain's team finish in the Sydney Olympics medal table?
10th (based on number of gold medals)

2. Who scored a century in his 100th test match this summer?
Alec Stewart

3. For how many games was Kevin Keegan in charge as England manager?

4. Name the women's finalists at this year's Wimbledon.
Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport

5. Who won the Grand National?

6. Which jockey survived a plane crash this year?
Frankie Dettori

7. Where did Lennox Lewis win his Olympic gold medal?

8. Golf: Lee Westwood just succeeded Colin Montgomerie as the winner of the European order of merit. How many times did Montgomerie win it in a row?

9. Which current England rugby union player has won the most caps?
Jason Leonard

10. Name the county cricketer who disgraced himself in the 2000 season Wisden.
Matthew Brimson

Building industry

11. Who dramatically announced in the pages of Building that his firm was pulling out of the Construction Confederation?
Colin Harding

12. How much did Cherie Blair spend on her nursery?
£20 000

13. Which contractor fell off the road to Wembley?
Bovis Lend Lease

14. Which firm designed a controversial rival to the London Eye?
Building Design Partnership

15. Who is the Tory construction spokesman?
Robert Syms

16. Who built the stadium that has to be propped up for concerts?

17. Which Malaysian architect is making his mark at Elephant & Castle?
Ken Yeang

18. What is Arrideo?
Big five contractors' portal

19. Which royal development is John Prescott's urban utopia?

20. "The whole thing should have been lower, closer, more open – and I can't stand this blue." Which building is this sportsman talking about?
Lord's media centre

General knowledge

21. Name the last two remaining contestants in Big Brother.
Craig and Anna

22. Name the new speaker of the House of Commons.
Michael Martin

23. What did Madonna call her son?

24. What did Tony Blair call his son?

25. Which boy-band launched Robbie Williams' career?
Take That

26. Who snubbed the Queen Mother's 100th birthday?

27. Who directed the film American Beauty?
Sam Mendes

28. What is a chad?
A circle of paper punched out of a ballot in the US presidential election

29. Which university accepted Laura Spence?

30. Who did Sid Perks run off with in The Archers?

Building history

31. The modern master, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, had two famous dictums. One was "God is in the detail". What was the other?
"Less is more"

32. Which American architect reversed this dictum in the 1970s?
Robert Venturi

33. Name the oldest building contractor in the UK.
R Durtnell and Sons, of Kent

34. What British contribution to building services is still known by the same name throughout the world?

35. Who was the first architect to plant a portico of columns on the front of a house?
Andrea Palladio

36. What and where is the world's first large-scale monument in stone?
The Step Pyramid of Zoser, Sakkara, Egypt

37. Name the suspension bridge that wobbled spectacularly to its destruction in 1940 as a result of wind pressure.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Washington, USA

38. What is the main structural material supporting the second-century Pantheon in Rome?

39. Which historical event led to the prefabrication and export of hospitals?
The Crimean War, 1854-55

40. Name the artificial stone used extensively in Georgian London.
Coade stone (marketed in the 1770s by Eleanor Coade)

The arts

41. A painting was snatched from Oxford's Ashmolean Museum while revellers celebrated the new millennium. Who was the artist?
Paul Cézanne

42. In which books would you find Hagrid, Hermione and Dumbledore?
The Harry Potter novels

43. Which opera heroine commits suicide by jumping off a castle?

44. Which British sculptor helped to design London's Millennium Bridge?
Sir Anthony Caro

45. Who won this year's Booker prize?
Margaret Atwood

46. What was Shakespeare's first play?
Two Gentlemen of Verona

47. "Either those curtains go or I do." Whose last words?
Oscar Wilde

48. What connects Percy Bysshe Shelley, Virginia Woolf and Brian Jones?
Death by drowning

49. Which best-selling novel set in Cephalonia is being made into a film?
Captain Corelli's Mandolin

50. Which Hollywood actress is making a splash in the West End in a role made famous by Marilyn Monroe?
Daryl Hannah

The winners are:

  • Fernando Pina Jorge of Leonard Stace;
  • Carole Grimshaw of the School of the Built Environment at Highbury College;
  • Matthew Ross of High-Point Rendel;
  • Debra King of Building Centre Trust;
  • and Roy Cherington of the Ministry of Defence. They will receive their prizes shortly.