Plans for Leicester’s Haymarket theatre have one councillor down in the dumps.

It’s one thing to get disheartened when flagship designs are modified for mundane, pragmatic reasons such as cost, but Leicester council is having real trouble coming to terms with the redesign proposals put forward by architect Rafael Vinoly for the Haymarket theatre.

Initially, the architect had planned a totally glass front for the theatre, which is receiving £12 million from lottery funding, but this may struggle to bear the load. The new, partially glass-fronted design has sparked dismay at council offices, and artist’s impressions have been kept under wraps for fear of causing unnecessary distress.

City leisure spokesman Conservative Councillor John Mugglestone seems to be worst affected, telling the Leicester Mercury: “The new design is bleak and depressing. The suicide rate will soar, and I feel like slashing my wrists when I see it.”