Swedish contractor won most work in January, but Bovis Lend Lease still tops annual league.
Skanska headed the barometer for January thanks to three contracts worth a total of £148.5m. Second was Bovis Lend Lease, which also scored three contracts, but the one that counted was the £100m Marconi headquarters at Coventry.

The big movers in January were Clugston and PCM. Clugston leaped 17 places to third with a single contract – a £100m development in Barnsley for Teesland. PCM entered the table for January in fifth place after winning the £86m contract for a BMW project at Crawley in Surrey.

Bovis still heads the annual table with £924.5m, ahead of HBG. HOK Sport and Foster and Partners swapped places at the top of the architects' league table for the year. J Sainsbury took the top spot from the Home Office among the clients.

How the tables work
To qualify for the tables, companies must have been identified on two or more projects fitting the criteria below in the past 12 months.

Projects must:

  • be of precisely calculated or confirmed value
  • have reached the main contract stage
  • be valued at £1m or more
  • be in the UK.

    Residential, civil engineering or overseas contracts are excluded. Student accommodation is included.