Macfarlane’s clients experience pod toilets and the snogging room at London’s coolest bar.

The astronomically expensive Sketch bar was the venue for Macfarlane’s Annual Property Reception on Monday.

The black/blue suits of the Macfarlane lawyers and their construction clients contrasted starkly with the futuristic decor of London’s swankiest hang out.

Guests tucked into their canopes against a backdrop of swirling fluorescent lighting and large screens showing trendy Japanese anime cartoons. The design feature that impressed the most was possibly the pod toilets, which resemble portaloos from outer-space.

While the venue generally met with nods of approval the “snogging room” did unsettle some partygoers. One of the hosts thought that lawyers were a little “too reserved” for the snogging room.

Bankers on the other hand are a different kettle of fish and two of them were keen to try their luck in the soft-lit room. Alas they found no willing snoggees despite their best attempts to woo two of Building’s most attractive female reporters with a plate of stolen canopes.