A selection of the latest options for meeting the stringent specifications of the highly serviced, hygiene-led healthcare sector, including waste pumps, services support systems and antibacterial tiles

Quietly hygienic

German-based suspended ceiling manufacturer AMF Ceilings has brought out a sound-absorbing ceiling tile called Thermacoustic. The 19 mm thick tile is made from high-density biosoluble mineral wool, clay and starch. The use of deep pattern perforations into the core of the board and a hardwearing painted finish is said to absorb noise, making it a suitable tile for schools and hospitals. The tile can be specified with an antimicrobial coating to reduce the risk of spreading infection through bacteria or fungi, thereby supplementing the AMF Hygiene range of healthcare ceilings. A 25 mm thick version of the tile is available for applications that need higher levels of sound insulation.
AMF Ceilings
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Tough hardware for sliding doors

Sliding door specialist Hilladam Coburn has launched a system called Straightaway 700SS for bottom sliding doors weighing up to 115 kg. The hardware consists of stainless steel bottom rollers and track and a top guide rail. The company says the system is suitable for extreme conditions including food and chemical industries, areas of extreme climate and hotels and hospitals. It is intended for use on timber-framed doors from 30 to 60 mm thick and up to 2.4 m high, with a minimum width of one-third the height.
Hilladam Coburn
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Disabled toilet door package

Dorma has developed a door access package suitable for disabled toilets. It includes the company’s ED 800 low-energy door opener, which opens the door automatically using a supplied push pad located outside the toilet. It can also function as a manual door closer. Other components include a lock with lock–unlock switch and an emergency release mechanism. The system is designed for use with a 900 mm wide, outward-opening door.
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Support for your ceiling services

Thomas & Betts has developed a ceiling services support system called Fast-Lock, which is said to need less planning time and less time to install than traditional rod and bracket hanging systems. It consists of steel-wire rope that can be looped around existing structures without the need for drilling. Alternatively it can be fixed using purlin, flange or beam clamps. The cable ends are fixed using special self-fastening locks that can be easily adjusted. The locks are said to be able to handle 50 kg per suspension point.
Thomas & Betts
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Integrated blind for windows in doors

LS Leaderflush Shapland has launched a visibility control blind for use with the windows in its Plasform doorset range. The company says it is particularly suitable for healthcare and educational buildings and allows staff to control a room’s level of privacy. Several blind options are available including vertically or horizontally operated pleated blinds and fine-slatted Venetian blinds. The company says the Plasform doorsets meet strict hygiene, safety and operational criteria.
LS Leaderflush Shapland
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Easy-to-install luminaire wiring

Cooper Lighting and Security has introduced a luminaire wiring system called Connect, which is said to be fast to install and easy to maintain and reconfigure. Suitable for both standard and emergency luminaires, it consists of four-pole self-locking connectors that have a maximum current rating of 16 A and can be plugged and unplugged under load. The luminaires are linked together using prefabricated leads. These consist of 3 or 5 m lengths of low-smoke zero-halogen four-core cable that are fitted with a plug at each end and a “T” connector. Any of the company’s modular, recessed fluorescent luminaires can be specified with an integrated socket ready for plugging into the system.
Cooper Lighting and Security, www.cooper-ls.com
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Service run channels for concrete frames

Fixing systems supplier Halfen has launched a channel for connecting mechanical and electrical service runs to building structures. Called 41/22 HTA Light, it can be cast into concrete frames of highly serviced buildings including hospitals. The company says it provides a secure fixing and avoids the need for drilling into concrete. The galvanised channel can be used with standard strut systems and is supplied with expanded polystyrene filler as standard or to order with the company’s Combi-filler.
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Gap-filling adhesive

Laybond has launched a water-resistant version of its Gripfill universal gap-filling adhesive. Called Gripfill MAX, it is suitable for bonding non-porous surfaces including glass, plastic and stainless steel. It is also suitable for external applications including weatherproofing joints around doors and windows, and internal applications such as sealing sinks and shower trays. The product is usable in high temperatures.
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Waste pump for showers

Healthcare specialist N&C Phlexicare has launched a shower waste pump for applications where it is difficult to drain level-access shower trays using gravity alone. One potential use is in concrete floors where it is impossible to sink a waste fitting into the floor screed. Called Phlexiflow, the filterless pump is said to be very quiet in operation and uses a smart electronics card to automatically remove the last of the waste water without vibration or sucking noises.
N&C Phlexicare
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Movers and makers

  • Specialist healthcare fitted furniture maker David Bailey Furniture has won the contract to supply its products for a new-build and refurbishment project at Highcroft Hospital in Birmingham. The contract is with main contractor Weaver and is for bespoke furniture including drawer units, wardrobes, sink units and shelving.

  • Acoustic ceiling specialist Ecophon has launched a CPD seminar called What role can the acoustic environment play in healthcare buildings? The RIBA-approved seminar addresses issues including the influence of noise on patients’ sleep and how this is affected by room acoustics. It also includes NHS guidelines and recommendations. To arrange a seminar contact the company on 01256 850600 or see its website at www.ecophon.co.uk.

  • The Society of Light and Lighting has published a factsheet on lighting for people who are visually impaired. It discusses the groups of people who are likely to visually impaired and the places where higher levels of lighting are needed to compensate. It also looks at issues including controlling glare, colour rendering and luminance contrast and external lighting.

  • Glass giant Pilkington has brought out a brochure on its complete architectural glass range including the latest additions to its Suncool range of solar control products. These include products suitable for hospital atriums and overhead glazing, a colour neutral version, a blue-tinted product and Suncool Activ, which includes the company’s self cleaning glass coating.

  • Vent Axia has launched the latest version of its ventilation product range manual. The 240-page publication features detailed tables of performance and dimensional data on all its commercial and domestic ranges of localised ventilation. It also includes installation drawings, sound output characteristics and wiring diagrams.