Nifty ways to transform roofs with lights and hand-crafted tiles plus an award-winning recycling sytem that cleanses grey water from household sinks using the roots of plants

Metal deck adhesive

Pittsburgh Corning has introduced an adhesive for use on metal deck roofs. PC Hotmelt is said to bond all the layers of the roofing build-up, including Foamglas’ cellular glass insulation slabs, directly to the roof deck. This eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, which cause unattractive penetrations of the deck and can cause thermal bridging. This in turn can cause condensation and the corrosion of metal components.

Pittsburgh Corning 301

Clay tiles in a new hue

Eternit Building Materials has added another colour to its Ashdowne range of handcrafted natural clay plain roof tiles. Called Wessex Blend, it is described as a mellow orange tile with a weathered appearance. There are now a total of seven colours in the Ashdowne range.

Eternit Building Materials 302

Fire-resistant bitumen membranes

Ruberoid Building Products has developed a range of high-performance fire-resistant reinforced bitumen membranes. The polyester base fabric of the Ultra Prevent elastomeric cap sheets is coated with expandable graphite crystals. The company says that in the event of a fire the crystals expand to form a fire-resistant crust that prevents fire and smoke penetrating the sheet. Ruberoid also said the technology didn’t affect the waterproofing qualities of the product, and the product didn’t give off toxic fumes in a fire.

Ruberoid Building Products 303

Weathered finished for metal roofs

Metal cladding specialist Rigidal Systems has added a finish intended to replicate the effect of weathering to its aluminium range of profiled roofing sheets. The company says glare from the sun can cause problems with newly installed mill-finish or stucco-embossed aluminium sheets, but its micro matt weathered finish reflected 42% less light than other sheets.

Rigidal Systems 304

Rooflights, skylights and glazing

Alumasc has launched a range of rooflights, skylights and interlocking glazing systems called Daylighting Systems. The rooflights are intended for flat roofs and are available in the standard B range and a superior A range. The company says the products are designed to offer superior weatherproofing properties. Continuous barrel vault rooflights are also available. The skylights are available in a variety of configurations, including gable or hip-ended, pyramid and lantern. The interlocking glazing system has aluminium panels that fit together to create a run of any length. These are intended for applications including mono or dual-pitch glazing and covered walkways and canopies.

Alumasc 305

Quick-to-install standing seam roof

Roofing and cladding specialist CA Group has launched a standing seam roofing system called River-Therm. The company says it is easy and quick to install as it has a sidelap detail that enables roofers to click the panels into position simply by walking over them. The company also says the system is fully compliant with the thermal requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations, offers superior levels of water tightness and is CDM compliant. The system is available in aluminium, copper, stainless steel and a selection of coated materials.

CA Group 306

Solvent-free waterproofing resin

Waterproofing specialist Kemper has brought out a solvent-free version of its cold liquid-applied Kemperol waterproofing resins. Called 2K-PUR, it is claimed to retain the strength and durability of the company’s traditional products but can be applied without having to evacuate the building first.

Kemper 307

Hand-crafted tiles in red and purple

Koramic has launched a hand-crafted tile called the 309 Hand-crafted Blend. The company says it was suitable for new-build, refurbishment and extension projects. It is available in three colours: heritage medium, which is described as a rich red with a slightly aged appearance; vintage dark, which is purple; and weathered lichen, which combines red and purple tones. A range of matching products, including ridge, valley, hip and ventilation tiles, is also available.

Koramic 308

Product innovation

A roof that cleanses grey water from household sinks has just won a bronze medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. Called the Green Roof Water Recycling System, it turns grey water into “green” water that can be used for flushing toilets and watering the garden by passing it through a series of roof-mounted troughs containing plants. Water Works, the company that designed the system, says it could cut the average household mains water consumption by 40%.

The system works by collecting grey water in a basement level tank. This is pumped up to the roof, where it is passed through the troughs, which contain gravel and the plants. Bacteria in the troughs cleanse the water, the plants help sustain the bacteria and also help disinfect the water plus provide an attractive rooftop display.

The water then passes through an ultraviolet light which disinfects it. The water is tinted slightly green using a vegetable dye and stored in rooftop tanks ready for use.

The company says the system is primarily intended for installation into new blocks of flats two to five storeys high, although it can be installed in existing buildings. It also said an area of 0.3 m would supply enough green water for the needs of one person, and a 40-person installation would cost between £60 and £100 a person. The system is being tested on student accommodation at Cranfield University and will be available as a complete kit from April next year.

Water Works

Metal sheet for rainwater management

Precoated-steel specialist Corus Colorsteels has launched a metal sheet suitable for fabricating gutter systems, flashings, parapet copings and flat roofs. Called Aquatite TPO, it consists of a galvanized steel sheet to which a waterproof membrane has been bonded. The company says the thermoplastic polyolefin used contains no plasticisers or other agents that could leach out and cause pollution. It also claims the product can withstand extremes of weather and has an expected lifespan of 25 years. Aquatite TPO is a light grey colour and is available in a roll or in sheets up to 1450 mm wide, if 1.2 mm thick, or 1000 mm, if 1.5 mm thick. A range of accessories, including jointing compounds and premoulded corners and guttering outlets, is available.

Corus Colorsteels 309

Movers and makers

  • Fastener specialist SFS intec’s online specification facility has been updated. The company says the facility, called ipos, is now easier to use. It has a password personalising function to speed up access and improved bookmarking to store frequently used details. It has also introduced a full text search facility. The site is at and has roofing and cladding fasteners for a variety of applications.

  • Roofing and cladding specialist Ash & Lacy’s over-roof conversion system Ashjack now has British Board of Agrément certification. It has the BBA certificate number 04/4177.

  • Solar installation specialist PV Facades has been renamed Solar Technologies Group. The company says it made the move on the back of rapid expansion due to external investment, which has made it the UK’s largest installer of PV systems. Solar Technologies Group has created three companies as it has also become a maintenance specialist and distributor of PV systems. The companies are Installations, Maintenance and Service, Distribution.

  • Roofing products specialist The Loft Shop has set up a subsidiary called RW Products to distribute manufacturer Roto’s roof windows and loft ladders. RWP said it could distribute the products to builders merchants throughout the UK on a free, next-day basis.

  • Roofing and cladding specialist Kalzip has published a 56-page guide to its standing seam roofing systems and applications. It illustrates the range of profiles available and information on the choice of metals, coating and treatments. It also has load-span tables, acoustic and fire information and details of site installation, fabrication and training.

  • Waterproofing membrane specialist Oldroyd has updated its guide to constructing turf and green roofs. The guidance now contains designs for pitched and flat roofs using the company’s Oldroyd Xv waterproofing membrane.

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