Pland Stainless, the Leeds-based maker of stainless steel washrooms and sanitaryware, has supplied a range of products to the new King’s Mill hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield

The installation includes stainless steel sinktops, scrub-up troughs and janitorial sinks. Pland Stainless also supplied bespoke endoscopy sinks for the specialised dental lab within the hospital and special plaster sinks for the prosthetic laboratory.

The key element of stainless steel that gives it its hygienic properties is chromium. Chromium has an affinity for oxygen and during the manufacture of the steel, it forms a passive chromium-rich oxide layer on the surface. Although only one to five nanometers thick, and invisible, this layer gives stainless steel an ability to self renew. Even when damaged, the protective film reforms, making it suitable where the highest levels of hygiene are required.

Pland Stainless