Welcome to Building's largest-ever assessment of the top contractors and housebuilders in the UK. This year, we have made a few key changes to our usual format.
First, there is detailed analysis of twice as many firms, so more of the industry's specialists and regional players get a look-in. Second, to reflect the move by companies to focus on either contracting or pure housebuilding, we have broken down the league table into the top 75 contractors and the top 25 housebuilders. This means that we can analyse in more detail which companies are making the most money out of each activity. And finally, in a nod to the glut of contractors diversifying into facilities management, we present the first-ever league table of the top 25 contractors in FM.

So, tuck in and enjoy. We invite you to pore over the profits, turnover, salaries, margins and bosses' pay of the industry's most powerful companies.