The Servant Leader by James Autry (Prima Lifestyles, £17). Based on the teachings of the classical Chinese text the Tao Te Ching, Altree argues that leadership should come from the bottom up.

Building the Happiness Centred Business by Dr Paddi Lundi. The story of an Aussie dentist who decided money, business and happiness can mix. Unavailable from British book shops, the text can be ordered from priced £10.

The Six Sigma Way by Peter S Paude (McGraw-Hill Education, £20). Supposedly the book that inspired Jack Welsh, former chief executive of General Electric, to transform the US company into a world giant.

Flight of the Buffalo by James A Belasoc and Ralph C Stayer (Time Warner International, £12). Why do buffalo succumb so easily to slaughter? They wait for the leader to flee first. This book examines the need for all employees to use their initiative.

The E-Myth Manager by Michael E Gerber (Harper Perennial, £10). This book questions the concept of the entrepreneur, arguing there is really no such thing. It aims to explain that management based on the concept of control is doomed to failure.