The industry employs 1.5 million people:
187,000 are women; 43,000 are from ethnic minorities

The construction industry needs to recruit 76,000 people each year for the next 5 years

British overseas construction work is worth £148m a year;
engineering consulting abroad is worth £986 m a year

Pay in the sector rose by 6.8% last year

Construction makes up 8% of UK gross domestic product

There are more than 500,000 self-employed workers in construction

Britain needs 230,000 new homes a year but is only building 160,000 at the moment

The National Lottery funded £346.4m of construction work last year

47,110 young people are training to enter the construction industry this year

New recruits' earnings

£24,000, rising to £50,000 average
Quantity surveyor:
£15-20,000, rising to £30-40,000 within 10 years
£26-36,000, rising to £45,000 for associates
Construction manager:
£20,000 rising to £30,000 within 10 years
Land buyer/developer:
£22,000, rising to £56,000 for managing directors