hot spots on the internet
Roofing products manufacturer Vulcanite has launched a website that helps specifiers to choose the appropriate product for their project. The "Pathfinder" search engine asks a series of questions and recommends a specification, supported by CAD drawings and product literature. Experienced users can bypass the search facility and go straight to the relevant product section.
Fagerhult Lighting's website now features a full online ordering facility. An order enquiry will generate immediate information on delivery times and costs, and goods in stock will be dispatched the next day. The site also contains information on the entire Falgerhult range of luminaries.
Loading equipment bay supplier Easilift Loading Systems has unveiled a website. It contains details on the company's product range including dock levellers, lifting platforms and industrial doors. Products are illustrated with photographs, technical details and specification drawings, and there is a list of personnel contacts within the organisation.
The Insulated Render and Cladding Association has launched a site to illustrate how to meet the requirements of the new Part L of the Building Regulations using solid block wall construction and insulated render and cladding systems. It also shows how these systems can be used with timber frame and for refurbishment of existing housing stock. The main systems are illustrated with diagrams and technical information, and there is a register of installers listed.