We’re getting down to basics this week: boilers, lights, radiators, air-conditioning, plus the latest news in building services

Wooden radiator

Wooden radiator

Jaga Heating Products has brought out a radiator called Knockonwood Freestanding DBE, which has a wooden casing and is said to provide an attractive alternative to trench heating for use in front of windows or large glazed areas. The company says the radiator’s internal fan allows enhanced climatic control. The radiator is 21 cm high and made of Robinia wood from managed forests.

Jaga Heating Products


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Super-efficient boiler

Unica HE is a condensing combination boiler that is said to offer the highest flow rate of any entry-level boiler for residential uses. Its maker Vokera says this is achieved through an innovative radial heat exchanger and an improved combustion system. Unica HE is available in 28, 32 and 36 kW outputs.



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Efficient air-conditioning

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has revamped its air-conditioning systems for the commercial sector to cut energy consumption by up to 40%. The systems, which have high-performance fans, fan motors, compressors and refrigerant controls, are said to be half the weight of comparable products and are also said to make less noise.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


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Compact downlight

Compact downlight

Concord:marlin has introduced a smaller version of its Kometa ceiling downlight. Kometa 300 is half the diameter of the existing 600 mm luminaire and has two lamps: a circular 22 W light hidden in the outer diffuser ring and a 26 W lamp within the central aperture. It is suitable for circulation spaces such as walkways, corridors and entrance halls.



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Lighting management

Zumtobel has launched a lighting management system that allows users to programme a wide range of lighting scenes within a building. The manufacturer says the system, called Emotion Touch, can save energy by taking daylight into account and using presence detectors. Emotion Touch is suitable for shops and offices.



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