A range of products to turn any building into a fortress, from door locks to the latest in digital surveillance and video entry systems

Vision panels

Vision panels

Vistamatic has expanded its Vision Panels range of security panels for doors and walls with the circular Vistaport. This is intended to offer specifiers more design flexibility. The 21 mm thick, 400 mm diameter unit comprises three layers of glass sheet with opaque horizontal bands in a one-piece unit. The view through the panel is obscured when the free-moving centre sheet is lifted through a hand-operated lever mechanism. The company says the product is ideal for areas such as hospitals, laboratories, banks, building societies, prisons and secure units.



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16-channel digital recorder

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a digital 16-channel security recorder called DX-TL4516E. The manufacturer says this uses compressed image technology to produce high-quality pictures. The digital recorder has a built-in USB connection and CD and DVD drives. It also has a motion detector, as well as a dual multiplexer output which enables the simultaneous monitoring of live and recorded footage. DX-TL4516E is suitable for retail, banking, corporate and public sector applications.

Mitsubishi Electric


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Lock for aluminium doors

Beaufort Secure Design has introduced a lock for its Eurogroove range of aluminium sliding doors. It is said to be quick to install, simple to use and to offer a high level of security. It has a continuous one-piece faceplate with four-hook locking and an anti-lift device. The lock can be operated with a metal lever.

Beaufort Secure Design


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Door entry system

Challenger has expanded its range of access control products with an audio door entry system that can be used with domestic and commercial applications. The company says the door entry kit has a slim design with a large nameplate that is easy to read and is illuminated by a blue LED. The kit comprises a door entrance panel, telephone handsets for the appropriate number of push buttons on the entrance panel, a power supply unit and a lock release.



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Touch panel controls

Touch panel controls

Residential control technology supplier AMX has brought out a range of touch panels that can control CCTV systems, alarm systems and a wide range of entertainment and building services. The company says the systems can be accessed and programmed from a PC over the internet to offer more flexibility. The touch screens can also display feeds from CCTV.



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Video entry system

BPT Security Systems has launched a video entry system called X1 which can handle a wide range of data, thereby enabling it control several systems at once. The company says that installation is easier than with traditional wiring systems, especially when it comes to running cable through congested ducts, because X1 has non-polarized twisted wires that can be connected any way around components. The product can control a variety of systems including door locks, stair lights, auxiliary service and call-timers and telephone, audio and video. X1 is designed to manage up to four entrances, 100 calls and up to eight receivers activated by the same call.

BPT Security Systems


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Cylinder clamp

Laird Security Hardware has developed a cylinder clamp called Euro-Secure that aims to increase the security level of its Euro-profile locking cylinders for doors.

Euro-Secure is made from aluminium and zinc alloy and is secured to the locking cylinder by two grub screws. The cylinder is repositioned within the lock with the clamp secured in place by high-tensile fixing bolts drilled through the door. The manufacturer says the product is suitable for most profile cylinders within PVCu or composite doors and can be retrofitted on site.

Laird Security Hardware


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Automatic door opener

J Durrance & Co has launched an automatic sliding door operator called OSMA 140 that can be supplied with a wired access control system.

The maker says that OSMA 140 is suitable for most applications from low-usage entrances to high-traffic environments.

The door monitoring and controlling system enables the remote control of several doors at a time. The OSMA 140 is available as a single sliding door leaf and a two leaf bi-parting configuration.

J Durrance & Co


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Anti-ligature hinges

Anti-ligature hinges

Royde & Tucker has brought out two types of anti-ligature hinges for use primarily in secure units. Hi-Load H102 and H125 are said to preclude self-harm by preventing a ligature being secured over the hinge knuckle, or between the door and the frame. H102 is a 100 × 72 mm triple knuckle butt hinge in stainless steel with a weight loading of 120 kg while the larger H125 is 125 x 102 mm and has a weight loading of 160 kg.

Royde & Tucker


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Movers and makers

  • Dallmeier Electronic has published a catalogue called CCTV/IP- Products for CCTV Solutions to provide specifiers with an overview of its security product range. The handbook includes technical specification for cameras, recorders, sensors, CCTV components and software. It also provides case studies of their use in banks, sport venues and casinos.
  • Spicewood Publishing has released a practical guide for specifiers called Smart Buildings. This provides information about the design and operation of systems such as video surveillance, lighting control and heating and shows how integrating can save money.
  • Claydon Architectural Metalwork has released a guide called New Dimensions in Metalwork and Street Furniture to highlight how gates, railings and balustrades can be secure and still look good. The company’s tube-crushing techniques allow text or graphics to be added to the metalwork.
  • The Association of Security Consultants will be holding its annual CONSEC Conference and Exhibition called Major Project/Event Security on Thursday 16 November at the RAF Museum in Hendon, north-west London. To get more details about the program contact info@securityconsultants.org.uk.