Up on the roof, we’ve got glossy black tiles and red cedar shingles, cold roof systems and products to keep in the heat and block out the noise – and that’s before we even reach the dogs’ home ...

A membrane for a dogs’ home

Renolit has supplied a single-ply membrane for the Dogs Trust’s rehousing centre in west London. Roofing contractor Bracknell said the Alkorplan membrane had been chosen because it easily bonded to the pitched plywood decking without needing insulation, and its standing-seam profile enhanced the appearance of the building.

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Grey tile vent

Marley Eternit has added a tile vent to its range of roofing accessories. It can be used to ventilate roof spaces and can also be connected to a mechanical extractor. It is suitable for use with large-format interlocking tiles and slates. It provides 15,000mm2 of vent area and comes in grey.

Marley Eternit
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Mastic asphalt systems

Permanite Engineering Roofing Systems has launched a mastic asphalt roofing system called Roofstar T PLUS. It consists of asphalt and accessories including a vapour control layer, insulation, sheathing felt separation layer, solar reflective paint and edge trims. The asphalt is supplied in block form or supplied to site heated in purpose-built transporters. The product uses Trinidad Lake asphalt, which Permanite says improves its laying properties and thermal stability.

Permanite Engineering Roofing Systems
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High-gloss tile

Lightweight roofing specialist Decra has launched a high-gloss version of its Elegance range of tiles. Made from galvanized steel, then coated in a choice of finishes, Decra tiles weigh 5.47kg/m2, one-ninth lighter than the concrete equivalent. The tile is suitable for use on pitches down to 10º and also for vertical hanging. The new tile is available in black.

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Cedar shingles at Shorne Wood

Timber importer John Brash supplied its fire-retardant western red cedar shingles for the roof of the visitor centre at Shorne Wood, a country park near Gravesend in Kent. The roof resembles a continuous wave without ridges or profiles to reflect the area’s ship-building tradition and the undulating landscapes of the Kentish Downs. The architect was Lee Evans Partnership and the shingles were installed by local contractor A Lenihan.

John Brash
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Stone wool noise insulation

Rockwool has launched stone wool insulation batts shaped to fit in the troughs of perforated metal decking used on flat roofs to reduce noise. The product, Acoustic Infill, is suitable for applications including convention halls, manufacturing plants and corridors. Rockwool says a significant improvement in sound absorption can be achieved when the product is used with the company’s Hardrock DD Roofing Board. It says it will achieve a Class C sound absorption rating in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654:1997. The product requires no fixing and can be cut to length using a craft knife. A vapour control layer can be laid directly on the roof deck afterwards.

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Cold roof system

Glidevale, a roof underlay and ventilation specialist, has launched a complete solution for cold roofs. It consists of the company’s Protect VP400 vapour-permeable underlay, which is fitted under the tiles, and its Fulmetal Rediroll universal ventilated dry ridge and hip system, which provides high-level ventilation. The product was launched in response to amendments to BS 5250:2002, the code of practice for controlling condensation in buildings. This has been adopted by the National House Building Council in its 2007 standards.

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Specifier 02 February 2007