MK Electric has expanded its Echo range of “self powered” wireless and battery-free switches with a variety of decorative and industrial finishes

MK is the first major UK manufacturer to incorporate “enabled by EnOcean” wireless, battery-free technology into switches. The range harvests tiny amounts of ambient energy to operate lighting wirelessly at ranges of up to 30m within buildings.

The additional finishes now available within the collection include Chroma, Albany, Aspect and Edge decorative styles; and Metalclad and Masterseal industrial accessories.

The benefit of using the Echo range is that switches can be located flexibly and easily relocated when “churning” office and other commercial spaces. The Echo range is also low maintenance thanks to the lack of batteries and lack of wiring in the wall, and the new options mean that Echo can be deployed in a far wider variety of interior schemes.

Chroma, as the name suggests, has a mirror-like finish. Albany is coated with a heat-cured powder lacquer which is scratch-resistant and helps maintain its satin, brass or matt chrome looks. Aspect is very simple, with a slim profile, and can also be mounted to walls adhesively, eliminating the need for fixing tools. Edge is smooth, clean and only 1.5mm thick.

From the industrial perspective, Metalclad Plus is a comprehensive range of tough, impact-resistant, surface-mounted wiring devices, designed to suit a wide variety of applications from factories, workshops, plant rooms to warehouses, schools and hospitals. The IP56 rated Masterseal range has been specifically designed for use either outdoors or indoors and in areas heavily exposed to dust and splashing water.

Echo switches further aid compliance with Building Regulations such as Part L by providing for localised control of lighting and integration with lighting management systems and other networks covering areas such as heating and air-conditioning. They also help with meeting Part M requirements thanks to their siting flexibility, and their easy-to-use wide rockers.

MK Electric