MK Electric has developed a collection of products dedicated to healthcare environments.

The range encompasses its Logic Plus wiring accessories, which have now been independently tested to show they possess significant anti-microbial properties and can contribute to any “deep clean” regime.

The Logic Plus range has been shown to be 99.9% lethal to MRSA, 98.9% lethal to klebsiella pneumoniae and is also 99.9% fatal to E.coli and salmonella, says the company.

The accessories are produced using urea formaldehyde, a high-grade thermoset material which has similar inherent properties as anti-microbial additives. In addition, Logic Plus products are also produced scratch-free, thanks to the moulding tools. This avoids dirt traps in which bacteria may lodge.

The range includes switch socket outlets, plate and architrave switches and dimmer switch modules as well as TV/FM coaxial outlets, Euro, LJU6C and MK modular data frontplates and Grid Plus frontplates.

MK Electric