A connector that puts safety first, a radiator with an identity crisis and insulation for tight corners join this week's product range. Plus, British clay proves its versatility and solar power for social housing
Flameproof gland
Conduit manufacturer Kopex has launched a brass gland for use with its liquid-tight flexible conduits. The gland meets European regulations on electrical and mechanical equipment and on systems used in explosive atmospheres. The straight fixed male connector ensures that the connection is gas and liquid-tight. It is available for use with a range of metric and imperial thread sizes. A stainless steel gland is also available.
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A balustrade radiator
Hudevad have developed an interesting take on the traditional panel radiator. It has come up with a transparent radiator called SC that doubles up as a stair balustrade. The product even comes complete with a wooden handrail. The firm will tailor-make the radiator for each stairway. It can be used horizontally or vertically, and can even be fitted to a wall.
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Insulation for pipe bends
Rockwool has launched two products for insulating mild steel pipe bends that are intended to prevent insulation being cut to size on site. The first product, Matched Half Bends, consists of two insulation half shells that closely match the bend radius. The second, Pipe Bend Segments, is for pipe bends with a large radius. The bend is insulated with a series of pre-cut wedge-shaped sections that fit around the curve to a total length of 1 m. The company says the insulation can withstand temperatures of up to 700 ºC.
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Joist hangars and connectors
Excel Building Solutions has brought out a range of joist hangers and connectors for use with its Masonite beam joists, studs and rafters. Made from galvanized mild steel, the range includes connectors for top and face-fixing, and universal, flexible and skewed configurations of beam-to-beam or beam-to-masonry connections. The products are available in depths of 200 mm to 500 mm, which are designed to cater for all beam depths in the Masonite range.
Excel Building Solutions
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Movers and Makers

  • Ibstock Brick supplied the materials and fired 40,000 clay figures for artist Anthony Gormley’s Field for the British Isles series of sculptures. The artist, famous for his Angel of the North, used 120 volunteers to create the rudimentary human figures. Gormley chose a deep terra cotta clay after inspecting a range of samples.

  • Trade body Interpave, representing the makers of concrete block paving, flags and kerbs, has merged with Interlay, the trade body for paving contractors and installers. The latter will now be known as the Installers Association of Interpave. The two bodies are drawing up a training programme for block layers to raise standards. Interpave also said the merger would promote greater understanding between makers and contractors that would feed into product design and development.

  • Solar panel specialist Solar Century has started installing photovoltaic panels in the largest solar installation of its kind in the UK. The panels are being fitted at the Peabody Trust’s Priors Estates in King’s Cross, central London, and are being funded by the government’s £20m demonstration programme.

  • Bulk materials supplier Lafarge Aggregates has acquired a 50% stake in bagged aggregates specialist GRS (Bagging). Lafarge said the multimillion pound move was in response to the industry’s growing preference for sand, gravel and crushed rock supplied in bags of 25 kg up to 1 tonne.

  • Concrete products manufacturer RMC has introduced a production facility for pre-stressed concrete beams. The facility, located in Rochester, Kent, will be capable of producing 200,000 linear metres of T beams for the company’s Readyfloor beam and block flooring system.
  • Information point

    Pocket guide to new sound regulations
    British Gypsum has launched a guide to the revised Part E of the Building Regulations. It is called The New Sound Regs for Walls and Floors – Your Easy Guide to Achieving Part E using British Gypsum Systems. The regulations have been designed to improve the level of sound insulation in new and converted buildings. The guide explains the requirements of the regulations, and demonstrates a range of construction types, techniques and products that can be used to meet them.
    British Gypsum
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    Topblock guide to Part E
    Block manufacturer Tarmac Topblock has launched its Acoustic Insulation Guide: Designing to Revised Building Regs Part E. This clarifies the regulations and offers information on construction options, pre-completion testing and the robust standards details scheme.
    Tarmac Topblock
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    Sustainable urban drainage systems
    Drainage Management has launched a guide called The Sustainable Drainage Handbook. It aims to help developers comply with the revised Part H of the Building Regulations, which cover drainage. The brochure describes the different water control methods and how the company’s products can be used to create a sustainable urban drainage system. It also offers advice on system design and discusses who should maintain the system once it is built.
    Drainage Management
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    Log books for buildings
    CIBSE has released a publication called Building Log Books – A Guide and Standard Template for Preparing Logbooks for Non-domestic Buildings. This is designed to enable design teams and contractors to meet the requirements of Part L2 of the Building Regulations, which requires buildings to be handed over with an up-to-date logbook. The log should contain information to assist owners and occupiers of non-residential buildings to monitor and control energy consumption after handover.
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    Best practice partnering guide
    BSIRA has produced a report, The Partnering Toolkit. providing an up-to-date guide on the subject of partnering. The guide is based on 300 questionnaire responses and interviews with clients,consultants and specialists, and identifies the key characteristics of a successful partnering project.
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    Brochure for the logistics business
    The Logistics Business has published a guide to help the construction industry improve its logistics. The guidebook offers information on the first steps that can be taken to achieve good logistics within a company, the benefits this can bring and the changes a business needs to make across a business to reduce spending and increase profit.
    The Logistics Business
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