Aluminium facade specialist Alumet shares the specification of its Avon Dry Wall Beam with the Queen

Congratulations are in order for Alumet Systems, which recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its innovative aluminium facade components. As well as being presented with an engraved rose-bowl by HM Lord-Lieutenant Gary Summers, three Alumet employees were also granted a five-minute audience with the Queen.

Rather than exchanging boring small talk with our ruling monarch, managing director Gary Summers took the opportunity to discuss the merits of the firm’s innovative Avon Dry Wall Beam.

Summers no doubt explained to the Queen the benefits of the structural steel ladder frame within a Kingspan urethane core, both of which are fully bonded to inner and outer skins of 8mm Eternit cement particle Pyroc board.

The Alumet party also presented the Avon Beam to the Princess Royal, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Earl of Wessex. The Windsors will probably get a follow up sales call in the not too distant future.