Support The Prince's Trust - Join the Construction and Business Services Leadership Group

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to think back to our school days with affection and pick out those inspirational teachers who supported us - but not everyone has this luxury. My favourite teacher taught us with imagination and a sense of fun, which made medieval history more thrilling than perhaps it should have been! Today there are more than one million young people in the UK who are not in education, employment or training, and a further 30,000 who have gained no qualifications at all by the time they leave school.

Every day The Prince’s Trust supports 100 young people to turn their lives around, to get them to believe in themselves and gain skills to move on. This is invaluable and your support can make a tremendous difference. And as you have read, the Construction and Business Services Leadership Group supports the Get Into Construction programme which offers pre-employment training to young people who want to forge careers in the construction industry.

My own varied career included a stint as a petrol pump attendant, a cruise ship assistant and a body guard before I got my lucky break with the BBC. We can all help to give young people their lucky breaks by financially supporting The Prince’s Trust so that they can train more young people. Having been closely involved with the BBC Restoration programme, I know that there is a great need to increase skills, and who better to be taught these skills than those young people who need your help the most. Every day there are amazing building projects starting across the UK and I feel passionate that together we can make a difference to those who need our help the most.

What’s £15,000? A new Renault Megane, 400 bottles of champagne, 90 iPods, 1,500 pairs of slippers or 1,250 copies of an Alas Smith and Jones DVD?

It costs just £15,000 to join - what’s that? A new Renault Megane, 400 bottles of champagne, 90 iPods, 1,500 pairs of slippers or 1,250 copies of an ‘Alas Smith and Jones’ DVD? So where does that £15,000 go? Rather than driving it, drinking it, listening to it, wearing it, or laughing at it, £15,000 can change young lives around the UK and benefit the construction industry. It’s that simple.

I never thought that I would have the opportunities that I have had, as an actor, writer, producer and presenter, and I have done all these things because someone believed in me. Now it’s your turn to believe. After all, if I can climb a mountain - actually 14 of them - anything is possible; but it needs support, encouragement and belief. I have supported The Prince’s Trust as an ambassador for 12 years and have seen the great work that it does, so please dig deep because your money can make such a difference.

Griff Rhys Jones