Fulcrum Consulting has applied a low energy lighting scheme to the newly refurbished basement of its London office.

The consultancy’s aim was to create a sustainable environment by using energy efficient light sources but within an interesting lighting scheme.

Fulcrum Consulting, basement refurb
Fulcrum Consulting, basement refurb

The lighting is provided by fluorescent fittings combined with colour changing special features, programmed to change according to the needs of the space at the time.

A new staircase that joins the existing entrance and reception on the ground floor with the new facilities in the basement is illuminated by a pendant arrangement of circular fluorescent lamps that indicate the energy efficiency of the entire scheme.

The general lighting in the breakout area consists of a mixture of linear fluorescent uplighting and surface mounted track complete with compact fluorescent spotlights for accent lighting. The main lighting feature in this area is an illuminated vertical glass window that separates the breakout area from the conference room.

The light is transferred through the dotted pattern on the glass from colour changing LED strips situated on the edges of the glass.

All fittings are linked to a lighting control system that has been designed to create different scene settings and provide required flexibility to the spaces but also to save energy when the areas are not occupied.