At last it seems the CIOB is taking planning and programming seriously – if the headlines ‘CIOB promises education and standards to end project delays’ and ‘Survey shows depth of delays in construction’ (CM July/August 2008) are anything to go by.

What a difference in attitude since, following the launch of the Planning Engineer’s Organisation with its similar aims of raising the status and quality of planners and programmers, you wrote ‘Not another professional body!’ (CM January 2005).

While I think it is a great shame that the CIOB, with its long history of representing builders and construction managers, has had to resort to electing an architect as president, at least Keith Pickavance has convinced the CIOB to recognise the importance of this component of project management.

I look forward to the opportunities offered by the new diploma and hope that all those who are serious about our discipline can help make it a success and a worthwhile qualification.

David Bordoli FCIOB