John Hutton, Secretary of State for the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), has pledged the Government’s support to build new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Hutton said that energy from new nuclear generators were “absolutely indispensible” for the UK’s energy requirements, reducing out dependency on foreign oil and gas and cutting carbon emissions.

At the first meeting of the Government’s new Nuclear Development Forum Mr Hutton said: "I’m determined to press all the buttons to get nuclear built in this country at the earliest opportunity - not only because it’s a no-brainer for our energy security, but also because it’s good for jobs and our economy.

"Insecure international sources of energy underline the case for a diverse mix. We are determined to get new nuclear up and running as soon as possible - securing clean low carbon energy and helping to keep the UK’s lights on.”

Hutton also predicted that the new power stations could mean £20bn in private sector investment and 100,000 new jobs.