Taskforce to look at heating and hot water in domestic sector

Energy and climate change minister Lord Hunt of Kings Heath will today chair the first meeting of the Domestic Heating and Hot Water taskforce.

The scope of the taskforce will focus on the development of the UK residential heating and hot water sector through both energy efficiency and low carbon technologies. It will look at opportunities, challenges and solutions in market development, supply chain, skills, target trajectories and the regulatory context.

The taskforce will take place on a quarterly basis with a focus on delivery and contain representatives of manufacturers and installers from across the industry including the following bodies: Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes Heating Strategy Group, British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association, The Association of Control Manufacturers Association, Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, Hot Water Council and Solar Trade Association.

47% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from keeping homes warm so a radical change will be needed to meet the UK’s ambitious carbon reduction targets. The taskforce has been set up to allow Government and industry to work together to find the most cost effective and realistic way of meeting the climate change goals.

Lord Hunt said: “The heating industry needs a greater voice at the heart of government which is why we have set up this taskforce. If we can make homes warm in an environmentally friendly and efficient way we not only help tackle climate change but we can reduce heating bills too.”

Mark Brown, director of the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes, said: “This forum will allow industry expertise to inform policy on heating and hot water, specifically to contribute towards realistic targets being set, and to ensure that a suitable infrastructure is in place to deliver those targets. The taskforce will meet quarterly and be facilitated by the Energy efficiency Partnership for Homes.”