The government has revealed a list of eleven sites around the UK that could host new power stations.

The public has a month to respond to the proposed sites before the list before the nuclear planning consultation later this year.

The eleven sites are:

Wylfa Peninsula
Hinkley Point

These sites could be operational by 2025.

Ed Miliband, secretary of state for Department of energy and climate change said the list marked an “important step towards a new generation of nuclear power stations,” and encouraged members of the public to speak out.

“I want to listen to what people have to say about these nominations,” said Miliband, “and I encourage people to log-on to our website, read the information and let us have their comments. We will consider this alongside the advice of our independent expert regulators.

The secretary said that nuclear power was a part of Britain’s low carbon future and that it would potentially create jobs and stimulate financial growth.

Sites judged suitable will be included in the draft National Policy Statement (NPS) on nuclear power which will be published later this year for public consultation. The NPS will set the policy framework for the new independent Infrastructure Planning Commission’s decisions on new nuclear power.

For more details and to comment on the proposed sites visit

Or write to:
Office for Nuclear Development Public Comments
Freepost SEA 12430
Thornton Heath