Despite the current economic difficulties, companies within the built environment sector are doing their part to reduce carbon emissions, signing up to carbon cutting scheme Green500.

A number of major construction and planning organisations including Morrison’s, John Laing, Travis Perkins, Amec have committed themselves to the Green500 initiative.

Green500 is a carbon mentoring scheme, launched in November 2007 by then-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

The scheme aims to encourage, support and reward CO2 saving activities in London towards the ultimate objective of a 1.5 million ton reduction in CO2.

The scheme is targeting at large businesses in London, and is one of a number of plans which are looking to cut CO2 emissions in the capital by 60% by 2025.

Companies signing up to the project pay a £3,500 membership fee, which entitles them to on site assessment by ‘Carbon Mentors’ as well as a summary report and action plan.

The most successful companies go head-to-head at an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the scheme, presented by the Mayor of London.