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    How planning can save you money


    We can save costs by advanced organisation and getting those involved in a project to work together, says Greg Verhoef. But alas, we’re missing opportunities to get the best out of each other

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    So this is sharing the pain?


    Everybody is asking everybody else for a discount just when they are least able to offer one. We all end up losing out and undermining the relationships we need if we are to thrive

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    Greg Verhoef: Get workers to think for themselves


    If you want workers to be safe on site, you have to get them to think for themselves. So, we need less bureaucracy and more reliance on our natural sense of danger, says Greg Verhoef

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    The real big freeze


    If you think this winter has been cold, just wait until you feel the chill down the spine when a newly elected Tory party starts slashing public spending

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    Another way: Greg Verhoef on how to be innovative


    Every contractor wants to be innovative, but how do you do it? Greg Verhoef says the first step is to take a critical look at yourself – then think about standardisation and sustainability

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    Summertime and the living is bloody tough


    But when did doom and gloom ever get us out of a mess? We have to do whatever is necessary to survive the recession, and that means keeping morale up

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    The general purpose specialist


    If we want to make it through the recession with our highly trained staff intact, we have to carry on doing what we do well, and start doing a lot of things that we don’t

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    What about us?


    It’s all very well trying to kickstart our moribund economy by chucking money at the public sector, but what about the poor blighters who don’t work in it?

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    Best foot forward


    As we step into 2009 and clients get more picky, it’s time to think about how to stand out from the crowd

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    Things that go bump in the night


    If you’re a fancy finance boy thinking of taking a jump – well, go right ahead. For the rest of us, says Greg Verhoef, the game is survival and that means preparing the ground for a soft landing

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    Blood out of every stone


    There are grim times ahead for specialist contractors and savings will have to made. Greg Verhoef explains why value engineering alone will not be enough

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    Romancing the stone


    With fewer and fewer people opting for careers in stonemasonry, it could soon become a dying trade. It’s time we did our bit to attract today’s youth

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    When the fix is in


    There’s nothing wrong with prequalification in theory. Alas, there’s no shortage of things wrong with it in practice. Greg Verhoef explains how the system works

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    Becoming one


    Many projects go wrong because the way they’re set up means they have no chance of going right. But what has that got to do with the Zen of marine engine repair?

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    Great walls from China


    If China hadn’t been busy establishing a stone industry while ours was sliding into decline, we wouldn’t be able to supply the natural finishes that today’s green clients want