...dressing up as a vicar and broadcasting live on YouTube?

John Chorlton did, but he is a vicar, so it’s nothing pervy. When he learned that a church was being built for his parishioners in Britwell, Slough, he began filming the progress. Regional contractor Life Build Solutions is constructing the £1.7m scheme. Search for vicarrevjohn at youtube.com.

...promoting your firm with the help of a retro 80s craze?

Consultant Buro Happold celebrated its London office’s 18th birthday with this cute Rubik’s cube covered in images of its projects. But we think there’s scope for imaginative re-workings of other 80s classics. How about Transformers: Buildings in Disguise? Or mini M.A.S.K. diggers and dumpers?

...booking a place on the next space shuttle out of here?

Because Earth is under attack from giant red robot spiders which are running amok, laying waste to our cities and enslaving humans to carry out terrifying experiments on their brains! We photographed this one on the B52 outside Chipping Norton as it was about to destroy a... Oh, hang on a minute, isn’t that a UNIC URW-295 collapsible crane? Hmmm yes, a similar model was used in construction of the Curve theatre in Leicester (p18). Apparently they’re very lightweight and have a huge lifting capacity. How embarrassing.

...strapping yourself into this little black plastic number?

This odd-looking garment is a Kiwi innovation called Necprotech and is designed to prevent the neck pain associated with looking up for long periods. Just launched in the UK and targeted at construction trades and car assembly workers, it retails for £29.95 through safety equipment specialist JSP.

...building a house out of mud?

Before you get your hands dirty, why not consider buying a GreenMachine? It manufactures precision-engineered tongue and groove compressed earth blocks for use in construction in developing countries such as Afghanistan. The ‘TerraBricks’, nicknamed after machine manufacturer TerraBuilt, are made from subsoil and cement or lime. Just don’t go to Afghanistan and say you’re starting a ‘wall of terra’...