… relieving the tedium of long-distance driving from site to site with cigarettes, self-harm or jazzfm?

If the answer’s yes, we have a better idea. Why not consider purchasing this novelty satellite navigation software package from RoadTour, which pinpoints the precise locations of more than 6,000 movie scenes shot across the UK? Upload the software to your satnav and feel

that ennui just seep away as you learn that the Elephant Man was filmed on location at Butler’s Wharf near London’s Tower Bridge or that Kevin Costner was at Beeston Caves in Cheshire in 1991 to film Robin Hood. Heritage audio tours and restaurant guides are also available. www.roadtour.co.uk

... packing in the world of construction and becoming a chef?

If you want to become a cook there’s only one place to go – TV’s Masterchef. Which is exactly what 26-year-old construction manager Tom from Nottingham did. So did his mushroom stuffed with blue cheese served with bacon and a honey mustard dressing wow judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode? Sadly, no. Wallace described it as ‘awful’ while Torode said: ‘It’s not cooking at its best, that’s for sure.’ But we applaud Tom for following his dream – another day and different ingredients, who knows?

… raising morale with a wheelbarrow race?

Vance Babbage – that’s him in the blue shirt – would recommend it. The director of Cheltenham-based family firm B&M Babbage invited his 80 staff to a training day which included a session from a motivational speaker who told them they could do anything. ‘They’re great guys, they don’t get the recognition they deserve. I wanted them to walk out of here feeling a little bit taller,’ says Babbage. Then – perhaps after a detour to the bar – someone decided it would be a good idea to push each other around in wheelbarrows. Is it our imagination or is Babbage enjoying himself a bit more than everyone else here?

... making up for all the long evenings spent at work when you should have been at home with your loved one?

Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity. But rather than saying it with flowers, or a candle-lit meal, online gift company Prezzybox has a few alternatives. How about a sterling silver ‘last Rolo’, a real message in a bottle, or our favourite – a slab of chocolate inscribed with an appropriate message. www.prezzybox.com

... strutting the site like a diva on the catwalks of Milan?

We thought not, but that hasn’t stopped tool supplier Makita from trying to impress construction workers with the fashion credentials of its new range of accessories. The promotional blurb says that this tool box ‘matches the fashion demands of construction industry professionals’ and combines ‘technical innovation and stylish materials’. Tool bags, pouches, holders, belts, braces, cases, bags and vests are also available.

You work it, girlfriend!