Engineering consultancy firm Hilson Moran has opened a new office in Paris.

Speaking exclusively to bsdlive, Olivier Severini, Hilson Moran’s international business director, said that although economic conditions were poor, the company had already had its eye on Western Europe, and France in particular, for some time.

Severini said: “It’s never the right time to do it, but this hasn’t happened overnight. France had been on our radar before, because of previous commissions, and we also wanted to expand our presence in western Europe.

“It’s much more difficult to secure jobs at the moment, but on the flip side you have less pressure and more recruits to choose from.”

Hilson Moran France was recently appointed to assess a 19,000m2 office development in La Garenne Colombes, Paris, which requires double certification under the French HQE and international LEED rating systems.