Hilti has introduced a new tool leasing service to help businesses reduce their overall tool spend.

Designed by customers, Hilti Fleet Management is a streamlined process designed to free contractors from the costs and hassles associated with managing their tools, including the co-ordination of repairs and decreasing overall tool costs.

The firm claims that its programme can reduce overall tool spend by between 30% and 50%.

One low monthly usage fee replaces the upfront cash outlay on tools, and the fee covers all tool-related costs, including tool use, repairs, servicing, calibrations, unlimited battery exchanges, personalised labelling, online tracking and theft coverage, for up to five years.

There are no unscheduled or surprise repair bills, so any unknowns are eliminated, says Hilti.

Tools are regularly rotated to ensure optimal performance and safety, and are personalised with customised customer labels, which can be used to deter theft, assign accountability and increase transparency. They also include the customer’s logo.

Theft coverage is included in the scheme, so that financial exposure in the event of a theft is limited. This makes for cost-effective replacement.

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