Yann Kersale’s clever lighting design ensures that architect Jean Nouvel’s Danish Radio Concert Hall looks as good as it sounds – and cost. At €226 million, this is the most expensive concert hall in the world

A blue textile skin wraps round the 21,000m2 complex, which forms part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s headquarters in Copenhagen. At night this 96m long, 58m wide, 45m high skin

acts as a screen, with animated images and lighting effects projected onto it.

Inside this translucent box are four studios, all different in size and design, suitable for all types of music and concerts. The main concert hall (Studio 1) has a central stage and seats 1800 people on multi-level terraces, while the three smaller auditoriums have between 250-400 seats.

The foyer is tucked beneath the main concert hall; abstract images and short video sequences, with themes taken from the world of music, are projected onto the walls of the room, echoing the interplay of images on the external facade.

In the entrance foyer, the 300m2 acoustic ceiling is dusted with a constellation of 1600 LEDs – a representation of the Copenhagen sky on the night of the building’s opening. Beyond, the venue opens up with an assortment of lifts and escalators, bars and terraces.