James Hastings

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    Osborne establishes his green credentials


    It’s a pleasant surprise to see the government backing the low-carbon agenda

  • James Hastings

    The trouble with house prices


    We know house prices have been falling but why does nobody agree on how much?

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    The trouble with house prices


    I read with interest recently the CEBR's predictions for the total fall in house prices and when it expects the turnaround to come and that got me thinking on the topic of house prices in general.

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    What's in the budget for construction?


    Snap analysis immediately after the event tends to be prone to knee-jerk reaction, but the thing that immediately springs to mind about this budget is the optimism regarding GDP growth in 2010 in 2011. While I wouldn't neccessarily argue with a 3.5% decline for this year, 1.25% growth for 2010 ...