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    Good news in the employment figures, but the future for construction jobs remains uncertain


    The latest employment data will provide economists, politicians and strategists with plenty to chew on.The headline figure for unemployment jumped by 43,000 to top 2.5 million for the first time since 1996, the number of people in employment fell by 89,000 and the number wanting a job rose again.But there ...

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    Explanations on why the jobs figures and output figures don’t seem to match


    The Office of National Statistics has released an article that throws some light on the figures for construction jobs.I for one have been rather confounded by the construction jobs figures which seem to have understated the devastation on the ground, particularly in the wake of the collapse in house building.Indeed ...

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    Half a million construction jobs to go – it looks like a dead cert


    Construction has now lost 213,000 jobs since the recession started to kick in the autumn of 2008, according to the latest figures. That is about 10% of the workforce.That sounds like a lot and it is. But given the severity of the fall in construction workload to date it is ...

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    Is an inaccurate measure of foreign workers messing up the construction data?


    Here’s a couple of graphs for stat-spotters I thought worth placing together.For some while there has been unease about both the workforce jobs figures and the repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) sector figures in the official construction output statistics.The two sets of data are linked and there's been some concern ...

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    We’ll be getting off relatively lightly if the construction workforce drops by 400,000


    The latest forecast from the Construction Skills Network (CSN) suggests that the current recession in construction will have led to a drop of about 400,000 in the number employed by the industry once job shedding ends in early 2011.This would mean a drop of about 15% in the workforce. That ...

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    Grim outlook for jobs in UK construction


    The official figures show construction lost 67,000 jobs in the third quarter of this year. This is more than 1,000 jobs each working day and half the jobs lost to the UK economy over that period.So while there may be suggestions of more stability in the wider economy, construction is ...

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    Redundancies in construction jump to 170,000 over 12 months


    The latest employment figures show a continued shocking rate of redundacies in construction with another 42,000 jobs shed from the industry in the second quarter of this year.That makes a total of 170,000 recorded job losses over the past 12 months.The number of redundancies was slightly down on the previous ...

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    Figures show more Eastern Europeans are giving up on the UK


    The post credit crunch squeeze on the UK economy does appear to be encouraging more Eastern Europeans to call it a day and return home according to the latest information produced by the official statisticians at ONS.This does fit with the anecdotal evidence which suggests that the weak pound and ...

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    Job vacancies in construction drop to decade low


    The latest jobless figures showing a leap of 81,000 people unemployed over the past quarter will come as little surprise to most people in the construction industry. They are seeing life getting tougher by the day, especially those with any links to house building.The major house builders have axed about ...