A reader writes: ‘Great final article by Ann Minogue’

Construction site

Great final article by Ann Minogue on changes since 1984 (“1984 revisited”, under related stories), thank you. As a PQS who has also been around since 1984, I would very much agree with everything she said. As Latham and Egan gather dust, I still (sadly) find the industry fragmented and all too often adversarial. Or maybe it’s just me.

As she signs off with “call me a cynic but I am not sure we have quite got there” one wonders when in fact we will all jump through the looking glass into the sunny uplands of genuine partnering, satisfied customers and buildings that do what they say on the tin? That said, after 34 years and counting, it’s still a privilege to get to work each day in such an extraordinary industry.

Jon De Maria, director, Mercer Land