Twin-pan assembly board from Hager has metering mounted inside

Hager has launched a twin-pan assembly board with metering mounted inside that measures energy consumption to meet Part L2.

Lighting and power is metered individually. This circumvents the need to calculate consumption, and also aims to ensure accurate readings from each of the circuits.

The assembly boards come with a choice of pulsed or modbus output meters.

Compact current transformers are mounted directly on the pan assembly, which frees space inside the enclosure for cabling. Prefitted incomers save on installation time, says the manufacturer.

The boards come in two 125 A variants: six-by-six and eight-by-12 outgoing ways.

Hager can also tailor solutions to provide additional features such as data logging and web connectivity for remote meter reading.

A tailored-solutions design-and-build service allows the company to offer individual, metered circuits such as for power, lighting, heating and air conditioning.