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What is a Widget?
A widget is a self-contained piece of code that you can move into, out of and anywhere inside the your site. You can use widgets to personalise your site and deliver extra information to your users.

By including our widget onto your site, you can dynamically display all of our latest feed items alongside your content.

How do I use it?
Simply choose which widget design you’d like to appear on your site, then select the category of news feeds you’d like from the drop down. Select the generated code and copy it into an area on your site that you wish.

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Would you like a widget with content that is not shown here but is available elsewhere on our site? Please email us at webservices@cmpi.biz to request your own custom widget code for free.

These widgets are still in beta so results may vary when including the code into your website. By using the code generated above you are taking responsibility for any errors that may appear on the subsequent web pages.