Building magazine has come together to work with the UK Green Building Council to collaborate on a double-bill of green building events

When: Tuesday 24 November 2009
Where: London

*** Full conference programme and speakers announced ***

'Making Sustainable Development Happen' will feature high profile speakers from the industry, politics and opinion leaders from the third sector, media and elsewhere. Delegates will be asked to roll up their sleeves and actively participate – we’ll be looking to make change happen, to have a real impact on Government and the industry.

Following the conference we will be holding our new Sustainability Awards reception, which will build on the success of previous years and again be a celebration of the very best examples of sustainable building the industry has to offer. It promises to be another memorable evening.

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Conference Programme

24th November 2009, Kings Place, London


08:30 - 09:30


09:30 - 09:35


09:35 - 9:50

Scale of the Challenge
Are you sitting comfortably? We’re all familiar with the headline targets, but just how big is the task ahead? Are the NGOs right that we’ve really got less than 100 months to save the planet? Just how radical a change do we need to see?
John Sauven, director
Green Peace

9.50 - 10.20

You Need to Know
A snapshot of the policy landscape and key legislation affecting our sector. Some levelling up of understanding – factual, impartial information from chief government advisors.
David Kennedy, chief executive
Climate Change Committee

Andrew Lee, chief executive
Sustainable Development Commission

10:20 – 11:10

Sustainable built environment - from vision to reality
UK-GBC led debate on how we radically transform our sector. What does the roadmap look like? The role of industry, the role for Government and the importance of an agreed, common framework; posing a challenge to the industry and inviting the politicians to respond.
Paul King, chief executive
UK Green Building Council

Grant Shapps MP, shadow housing minister

Rt Hon John Healy MP, minister for housing and planning

11:10 - 11:45

Coffee Break

11:45 - 13:00

Leading from the front
A special guest provides an introduction to the theme of leadership, achieving remarkable things and driving change.

A panel debate with questions from the audience, the speakers will address the challenges set out in the previous session.

How do we show leadership in our sector?
How do we mainstream change?
Can we learn anything from experiences outside of our sector?
Chair: Dame Ellen McArthur

Dan Labbad, chief executive officer EMEA
Lend Lease

Sunand Prasad, immediate past president

13:00 - 14.00


14:00 - 14.30

Making a profit from green
Positive, pro-active, inspiring – you can go green AND make money. Example of green development from North America.
Joe Van Bellegham
Dockside Green

14:30 - 15:00

Can we do it too in the UK?
Can we achieve the same vision in the UK?
What national issues must be overcome?
Are we ready now? How can we avoid getting stuck?
Andrew Gould, chief executive (English Business)
Jones Lang LaSalle

15:00 - 15:30

Coffee Break

15:30 - 16:45

The Green Dragons’ Den
It is time for some of the most promising business propositions in the green builtenvironment to be backed by hard capital.
Can these businesses grow to deliver a largerenvironmental impact, create wealth, andcompete for investment capital?
Audience participation session to decide how £1 billion Euro should be invested.
James Cameron, vice chairman
The Berkely Group

David Glover, director

16:45 - 17:00

Summary of key findings and an indication of
what to expect in the future.
Paul King and VIP guests


Sustainability Awards reception

Speakers include:

John Sauven

UK executive director

David Kennedy

Chief executive officer
Climate Change Committee

Andrew Lee

Chief executive
Sustainable Development Commission

Paul King

Chief executive
UK Green Building Council

Grant Shapps MP

Shadow housing minister

Rt Hon John Healey

Minister for housing and planning

Dame Ellen MacArthur

Previous holder of fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe in a yacht

Dan Labbad

Chief executive officer EMEA, Lend Lease

Sunand Prasad

Immediate past president

Jo Fox

Deputy director
The Bigger Picture - BSkyB

Joe Van Bellegham

Dockside Green

Greg Clarke

Global advisorConference moderator

Andrew Gould

Chief executive (English Business)
Jones LangLaSalle

James Cameron

Vice chairman, executive director
Climate Change Capital

Tony Pidgley

The Berkely Group

David Glover