Mark Whitby

  • Chris Shirley, guest editor

    Our agenda


    The recession is not without its fringe benefits. I, for one, have pounced on the opportunity to stop my children’s pocket money (even as I type these words they are combing west London in search of work, and the lessons learned will no doubt prove as important as schoolwork).

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    One hot bird


    More than just a stadium, the Bird’s Nest will be a permanent attraction, says Mark Whitby

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    Talking ’bout a revolution


    Construction is too important to be left to the many venerable and dignified institutions that adorn our industry. If they’re to change, drastic action may be necessary

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    Shula, I've been thinking


    Using oilseed rape as a fuel, whether popularised on The Archers or not, could be the answer to getting communities to embrace renewable energy

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    Don't build Crossrail …


    it is an astronomically expensive way of depopulating our capital city. Far more egalitarian would be to spend the money on housing subsidies in central London

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    Green ideas, grey areas


    Carbon-counting websites, environmental profiles, tax breaks for investors in renewable energy… Good ideas? Well, only if they're thought up by the right people

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    Conspiring with fate


    Many industries are inherently dangerous, and there's nothing you can do about it. But some have acquired a culture that actually ensures that accidents happen

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    Fledgling designers


    Why do architects need to know how large their wings would have to be for unaided flight? Well, it's all to do with the gentle art of keeping engineers in hand

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    'We have the technology. It could have been prevented'


    What is remarkable is that we believed it wouldn't happen. Despite the international conferences where the police and security gathered to set out their doomsday scenarios, we didn't imagine the horrific consequences of the attack and, more to the point, didn't set up the systems to stop it.