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    Mini cost model update: Small projects


    Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon revisits industrial units, primary schools and primary healthcare centres to investigate how recent dramatic falls in tender prices have affected building costs

  • Levitt Bernstein designed this housing scheme in Barnet, north London, as a demonstration project for the redevelopment of the Grahame Park estate. The 32-unit scheme consists of family homes for rent and one and two-bedroom apartments for sale

    Mini cost model update: Small projects


    The worsening economic climate and sustainability requirements have affected costs for small projects such as affordable housing, nursing homes and extra-care homes

  • PRP Architects’ PFI nursing home at Tandridge Heights in Oxted, Surrey.

    Mini cost model: Nursing homes


    As people in the UK live longer, demand for residential care and nursing homes is growing – as are our expectations of the standard of living they will provide. Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon looks at how home developers and operators are rising to the challenge

  • Hoxton hotels, which favour distinctive contemporary styling, are at the upper end of the budget market

    Mini cost model: Budget hotels


    The budget hotel sector is expanding, moving into new locations and offering its customers new facilities. Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon looks at their design, procurement and costs

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    Cost model: Small industrial units


    They’re flexible, investor-friendly and easy to build. But how much does it cost to construct small industrial units? Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon explains

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    Cost model: Social housing


    Our series on projects worth less than £1m returns with an in-depth look at affordable homes. Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon explains what kinds of schemes the Housing Corporation wants for its money, and breaks down the costs

  • The Forest Road Primary Care Centre in Enfield, north London, was designed by Dransfield Owens

    Cost model: Primary healthcare


    In the latest of our series of cost models for projects of less than £1m, Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon takes a look at the design considerations, funding, procurement, wider development issues and costs involved in the construction of a new-build primary healthcare centre