US electrical products supplier Leviton opened a new office in the UAE on Sunday. Ramzi Nassif is the branch managing director

What kind of business are you in?

We are in electrical wiring, lighting management systems and IT infrastructure.

When did you open the office?

We have been here for a few months but we moved into our physical office on 25 January.

What's your new address?

J/Ali Free Zone, View 19; 7th Floor, Office 701; Dubai; UAE; PO Box: 262742

How many staff are there?

We have recently recruited seven out of the 10 we need for this year so we are recruiting three more. With me, we will have 11 employees in total. We will definitely recruit more next year, but because of the economic situation we have to review recruitment every six months.

What's the building like?

It's a new tower, which just opened in May in the free zone. We are on the seventh floor of a 28-storey building.

What are your profit and turnover targets?

Our profit targets for the first year are $15m, $20m for the second year and $25m in the third year. When we planned the figures in early 2008 they were different, but now with the current economic situation we have to be more careful. We would like to keep a 25% gross per year. These figures are conservative because we were hoping to double the business every year, but now we have to be more realistic and careful about it.

What kind of clients do you hope to work with?

We work with lots of different people from government entities and real estate developers to oil and gas companies. Our direct clients are the mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors who execute projects mainly and systems integrators who install lighting control systems and structured cabling. These MEP contractors are working under general contractors for different projects in construction that can be oil and gas, residential or commercial towers.

Do you have any business already in the bag?

We have a couple deals in the UAE in Saudi Arabia. We are working on commercial buildings to do electrical wiring and electricity connectivity sales to oil companies in Saudi.

Is Leviton planning to open more branches in the region?

I am responsible for the Middle East and Africa region and we are hoping to open an office in Saudi Arabia in 2010. We are also looking to open an office in India.