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    Planning makes way for levelling up as Gove shifts focus


    The reshuffle has put the restyled housing ministry in the spotlight, with one of the Tories’ biggest hitters now in charge reflecting a recalibration of government priorities

  • Comment

    Schools: Hands up if you know the answer


    The James Review team has spent months coming up with the solution to schools delivery - and it looks suspiciously like existing body Partnerships for Schools. The government needs to swallow its pride and accept the verdict

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    A lesson for Michael Gove


    The construction minister tries to calm down architects rattled by attacks on their profession and a drive to standardise

  • Sarah Richardson

    Make schools not war


    The escalating battle between Michael Gove and councils taking legal action over BSF threatens to become a drawn out conflict – the perfect excuse to delay school building further

  • Ike Ijeh

    Schools out


    Michael Gove’s attack on BSF has angered the construction industry, but might he have a point?