Energy secretary Ed Miliband dismissed comments by new energy advisor David MacKay which suggested the UK was headed for blackouts due to an energy shortfall.

MacKay was recently appointed energy advisor to the government. MacKay reportedly alleged that the UK could face blackouts by 2016 if green energy projects are not taken up quickly.

Energy secretary Ed Miliband dismissed this today, saying that the real question was whether the UK would meet its energy needs through high-carbon means or with renewable energy.

The Cambridge professor, interviewed by BSD back in August, is to take up his post at the Department of Energy on 1 October.

BSD David MacKay
BSD David MacKay

MacKay’s book, Sustainable Energy - Without The Hot Air, said that while policy is moving in the right direction there was not enough power capacity being built.

Miliband maintained that as power stations are closing, new ones are being built and that a next generation of nuclear plants would be begin construction by 2017.

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