It was with interest that I read your April edition of Construction Manager, but apart from your editorial on the Construction diploma and your later article on the ageing population there was nothing else on the current state of the industry’s workforce, particularly the sector I currently find myself in, the unemployed.

This adds to the frustration I feel towards the CIOB due to the lack of action and support they have offered following the economic downturn.

I’ve been a member (in various forms) of the CIOB since beginning my studies at university in the late nineties. Throughout that time it was drummed into me the importance of being part of the institute and how it could benefit my career. So you can imagine my chagrin when, faced with the prospect of seeking a new position, an employee of the only recruitment agency endorsed by the CIOB told me that, as a construction management graduate and member of the CIOB, I was a poor cousin to any civil engineer, particularly an ICE chartered one.

I have received two emails from the institute regarding the economic crisis. The first was to offer me a place on a course which will teach me how to cope with the emotional stress of making other people redundant (I declined). The second was a survey to see if there was any interest from members in a half-day event that would teach me how to market myself. Thanks, but you’ll forgive me for being disappointed at the CIOB’s response.

I would appeal to you as the editor of CM, the institute’s magazine and mouthpiece, not to forget those of us who have spent years qualifying and gaining experience but are struggling to get back into the industry.

Richard Clifton MCIOB

We hope you find this month’s article on new career directions worthwhile. You may also be interested in the CIOB’s Fresh Start booklet, downloadable from www.ciob.orgEd