Al-Ahly Real Estate's marketing executive reckons Egypt is still a good bet for investors in search of a bargain

How long are you here for?

I've been here since last Thursday, and leave on Friday

How are you finding it?

It's good; sometimes it's a bit slow [on the stands] but people are coming.

Is there the opportunity for UK firms to get involved in projects in Egypt?


What is the thing that should persuade firms to go to Egypt?

It's not at all risky to invest money there at the moment. There is always a return – and it's perfect weather.

What would you tell firms to watch out for in Egypt?

A bargain.

What is the best thing about the Mipim Horizons event?

The opportunity for contacts.

Where do you go in your downtime here?

There's a nice street of restaurants and bars just away from the conference centre.

Would you return next year?