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    Public sector job cuts and the housing market


    The new wave of cuts will hit better off homeowners

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    A double-dip in house prices isn’t really the problem


    The fall in transactions is going to hit the housebuilding industry much harder

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    Nationwide joins other indexes to show house prices falling


    House prices may be on the slide but there shouldn't be another collapse

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    Are we on the edge of a second house price crash?


    Is the market heading for a protracted decline or will prices stabilise and hold or continue to creep up from the trough of a year or so ago.

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    We're back to double-digit growth in house prices, oh dear


    House prices are booming again, crack open the champagne!Well maybe not.If I was a house builder reading the latest survey from the Nationwide building society showing a double-digit rise in prices over the past year (see graph) I would be worried.Looking at my short-term prospects, naturally I would be chirpy ...

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    Are UK houses really worth 6% more than a year ago?


    The final Halifax index for 2009 has been released and it settles on a December 2009 average house price 5.6% above that of December 2008.This is roughly in line with the figures from Nationwide which show a 5.9% rise.It is easy from this to draw the conclusion that on average ...

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    Pundits on balance point to flat house prices in 2010


    It's the time of the year for reflections, resolutions and prognostications. And what can be more fun than guessing the likely path of house prices?Well I can think of a few things. And I'm also left wondering why anyone would wish to state a house price forecast publicly and put ...

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    The cruelty of breeding force-fed first-time buyers


    Here's a question that goes right to the heart of current housing policy: Should we be using incentives as readily as we are to encourage first-time buyers onto the property ladder?However iconoclastic or contrary this question may seem, it needs to be asked. There is so much at stake.Promoting first-time ...

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    Forecasters call the bottom of the house price slump


    The increasing stretch of stable house prices is leading forecasters to call the bottom of the slump.The Nationwide late last month tentatively said it may be time to think the unthinkable that house prices may exit 2009 higher than they entered it.Last week much was made of the RICS saying ...

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    A bad time for house prices to go negative


    Nationwide released its latest house price figures today showing the a 1.1 per cent rise over the past 12 months. However, it also revised its forecast for 2008 down from no change to an overall fall.This will please neither estate agents nor house builders as they put Easter behind them ...