Teesside factory at end of January after buyout deal with international consortium fell through

Corus Steel is to close a Teesside factory with the loss of 1,700 jobs.

In May, the firm said the 150-year-old Teesside Cast Products factory would be mothballed.

Hopes that an international consortium, led by Italian steel firm Marcegaglia, would buy 78% of the firm’s production were dashed as the deal fell through.

The plant is set to close at the end of January.

Corus, owned by Indian giant Tata, had initially stated that 600 more workers would be made unemployed.

In July, thousands of workers marched to draw government attention to their plight after they were put on 90-day redundancy notice.

Kirby Adams, the chief of Tata Steel told the BBC,: "We are acutely aware that this will be devastating news for our employees, our contractors, their families and the local community.

He continued: "We extend our sincere gratitude to all of them, as well as to the management team and the trade unions on Teesside, who have all worked night and day to try and avoid this outcome."