Meticulous planning and hard work prevented construction industry computers collapsing at the turn of the millennium.

The Construction Industry Computing Association said it has not received any reports of date recognition glitches.

Contractor Carillion, which spent 18 months preparing for the change of date by reconfiguring 5000 computers and 20 servers, reported no compliance problems. Its IT director Steve Connor said: “If the work had not been done, there would have been serious issues.” Building Design Partnership’s IT manager Paul Davies also reported no problems so far. “It was worth spending the money,” he said.

David Taffs, director of engineer Ove Arup & Partners and president of the Construction Industry Computing Council, said the issue had been blown out of proportion.

“Reports from Ove Arup offices across the world are not coming up with anything. It is a big non-event and it is galling that people have wasted a lot of money,” he said.