Faithful+Gould regional director believes the slowdown won't affect major programmes of work

The year ahead...

Will there be a new government in 2008?

I suspect not - but the current one is looking very tired.

Will the economy boom/bust/just bubble?

I detect a slowdown in the general economy driven by a lack of confidence in the financial markets. But 2008 will still bubble in the construction industry due to major programmes of work that are already committed.

Will you be going green(er)?

Although I feel the whole green agenda is being a little hijacked it does sit very nicely with my thrifty disposition. I now have a certain legitimacy when I shout at the kids to switch the lights off.

What will everybody be talking about?

A colleague of mine told me the other day that "wireless electricity" is the next big thing. If he's right, I think we'll be talking about that (even if it is a bit of a paradox).

... and the year just gone

What was the best thing about 2007?

I commenced my single storey house extension.

Worst thing about 2007

I found out the difference a few millimetres makes when setting out a steel framed single storey extension. I've also had to work for the single most demanding client (my wife).

Favourite building/project of 2007

My house extension (on time, on budget, 20mm out of square).