The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games plans to beef up its in-house team from 85 to 120 people by March 2007.

The recruits will include seven or eight architects, engineers and QSs; the exact numbers of each is still to be decided. They will oversee the delivery of the most important projects of the Games, including the Olympic stadium and the aquatics centre.

LOCOG plans to take on experts in venue planning, Olympic village planning and media centres, as well as marketing and administrative staff.

James Bulley, LOCOG's director of venues and infrastructure (pictured left), said: "We're looking for quite experienced people who will be able to hit the ground running; we are talking about senior project management level."

All posts will be advertised on the LOCOG website (linked below)

Bulley said LOCOG would add further staff - either in-house or external consultants - during the years up to 2012.

LOCOG is advertising for a venue project manager with expertise in construction programming and project management in the sports sector. The job entails monitoring the progress of venues and ensuring they are delivered on time, as well as representing LOCOG in stakeholder and project team meetings. The closing date for applications is 30 June.

LOCOG is responsible for putting on the Olympic event.

Its role is distinct from that of the Olympic Delivery Authority, which is overseeing the construction programme.