An organisation that aims to demystify 3D design is to be launched next month.

Teamwork 2000 is being set up Paul Fletcher, director of consultancy fbus. It is intended to pool 3D design data from a particular project and demonstrate its use throughout the process of designing, constructing, running and demolishing a structure.

Teamwork 2000 is looking for both a project and a team of architects, engineers and mechanical and electrical designers to recreate the chosen building as a 3D demonstration. Fletcher is hoping to use an Egan demonstration project as his guinea pig.

Once built, the model will spend five days on show at the Building Centre in Store Street, central London. Its designers will also be on hand to demonstrate how 3D modelling works. Visitors will be able to see design alterations as they happen.

Three-dimensional design involves creating a prototype building as a 3D CAD image, to which is attached a database of design details.

The model will also show how a main contractor can demonstrate to trade contractors how a particular construction package fits in to the works.

Fletcher's aim is to demonstrate how the technology can encourage teamworking among different parties and cut construction costs. "The technology is there and I want to show the construction industry that we can do this and that it is vital that we do," he said.

The show will be free but those interested in further details on how the project model is built will need to subscribe to Teamwork 2000. Subscriptions will cost in the region of £100-250 a year.